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  • Technical services

    ICT integration

    With our profound experience and extensive regional coverage in the field of communication and information technology services, Heqin communications will provide professional and customized ICT services for clients.

    Service contents:

    1、  System integration: including design, equipment installation and configuration, engineering implementation, software installation and configuration, network adjustment, system coordination and application development, etc.

    2、  Operation and maintenance services: including important communication security services, users’ room inspection services, user network optimization services, maintenance services within the contract year, network maintenance and user application system maintenance services and other maintenance services.

    3、  Consulting services: provide clients with project system consulting, solution consulting, testing services and other consulting services.

    4、  Third-party products and services: Heqin communications can accept the third-party commission to sell its software and hardware products, and provide customers with products and various hardware equipment products, and collect agency fees from the third party.

    ICT overall integrated solutions

    Smart municipal management
    Intelligent traffic management
    Heqin communication uses multiple technologies such as informatization and mobile communication to process, analyze and manage the time and space information of the city, improve the urban management process, and provide accurate, efficient, full-time-period and all-round technical support for municipal management. Besides, Heqing communications provides environmental monitoring, urban pipe network detection, intelligent lighting, video monitoring, charging column and other services for municipal management through the multi-directional coverage of the communication base.

    urban intelligent traffic refers to various latest technologies provided by electronic information technology to solve various problems related to intelligence, safety, energy saving and efficiency for traditional traffic mode. It provides users with convenient services in terms of traffic and travel, such as vehicle monitoring, information notification, information management, alarm function, LED advertising, etc.

    Comprehensive advantages of Heqin communications I

    1. Long-term good cooperation with operators;
    2. Profound experience in product application;
    3. Nationwide service network;
    4. Rich experience in project implementation;
    5. Perfect security solution;
    6. Good ability of secondary development and customization;
    7. Terminal solutions with independent intellectual property rights;

    Public focus on micro letter

    Headquarters address:No. 168 Liuyuan road, Putuo district, Shanghai Contact number:021-36567371 Email:zjhq@hqtx.net
    Production base:no. 298 Anwen road, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province Contact number:0579-82235919

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