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  • Technical services

    Communication network maintenance services

    Communication network maintenance services not only provides operators with multi-business product centralized maintenance services and alternative maintenance, but also provides services for market products departments of operators, such as value-added application hosting and comprehensive network outsourcing. It provides effective support and help for operators to optimize resource allocation and reduce operation and maintenance costs, as well as new ideas and technical guarantee for operators' market development and business transformation. This not only enables operators to focus more on their core business and follow up market changes, but also improves customer satisfaction and maintains their competitive edge.

    Through a large number of service surveys and learning of advanced maintenance and management experience at home and abroad, combined with years of experience and technical advantages in the field of communication maintenance, in order to meet the operation and maintenance and management needs of telecom operators, Heqin communications can provide more comprehensive service according to customer demand, and set up a comprehensive, standardized, professional and intelligent service platform for customers.

    Type of service


    • Professional maintenance • comprehensive maintenance

    Service project


    Wireless network optimization services

    Heqin communications provides comprehensive professional optimization services such as RF access, indoor wireless coverage, comprehensive wireless network analysis and performance improvement, which helps operators to substantially reduce customer complaints, build quality networks, optimize network performance and maximize operating earnings.

    Service assurance

    •Professional technical support and support system

    Heqin communication is a leading solution leader in the field of communication towers, with profound experience in the maintenance and management of communication networks, its professional technical strength and maintenance and management ability have been highly recognized by operators. It sets up a special technical service department in the service coverage area, and has engineers who are specialized in wireless equipment, network optimization, access network equipment, fixed network equipment and transmission equipment, which can effectively support front-line services, and guarantee technical support and assistance for front-line service technical problems and exceptional fault.

    •Perfect maintenance management system and service process

    Establish an effective maintenance service organization and optimize the cooperation and professional support system.;Establish a standardized service station and standardize service system and tools, so as to unify service image;Open up the two channels of post certification and technical grade assessment, and improve employee professional skills;Establish three-level internal quality control system and implement quality closed-loop control;Committed to meet the service requirements of operators, optimize the assessment system combining service index and service satisfaction;Based on the maintenance service of different regions and operators, the model of maintenance service is established to improve the efficiency of production scheduling.

    •Localized service delivery platform

     Heqin communications establishes a nationwide service network covering the core cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, which can quickly and effectively allocate the delivery resources for maintenance and timely coordinate and solve the problems encountered in project delivery. Localized human resources and good site owner cooperation foundation effectively promote the smooth communication within and outside the project; In addition, Heqin communications also gives play to the collaborative advantages of iron tower installation, communication construction, industrial integration and other delivery lines, providing timely, accurate, thoughtful and attentive services for customers.

    •IT support platform

    Heqin communications establishes a unified IT management platform (PMS) according to the demand of maintenance management and service, so as to realize the management and control of maintenance resources, production scheduling, operation process, service specification and risk.;Visual dynamic real-time management can realize visual management functions on network resources and maintenance, and employees can monitor and manage the implementation of the maintenance work in real time.

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