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  • Heqin academy

    Heqin academy

    Introduction of Heqin academy

    The quality of personnel is the foundation of the enterprise competitiveness. And Heqin communications will take the cultivation of talents as one of methods to improve core competitiveness. As a talent training base of Heqin enterprise, " Heqin academy" adheres to the Interdisciplinary talent training model, which is a comprehensive college integrating talent cultivation, discussion and exchange, external consultation and qualification certification. Heqin academy constantly training excellent talents for the communication industry and it is an important base for optimizing the capability of employees.

    The chairman Zhou himself acts as a lecturer of the college. Based on years of industry experience and ability, the Heqin academy focuses on teaching and managing experience, inheritance and enterprise culture. At the same time, combining with the continuously updated information system, the Heqin academy has built a practical training platform for the communication service industry.


    School vision:

    Become the communication industry talent training base



    Learn at work, work at learning


    Three key points of Heqin academy :

    Training -- training high-quality employees in the communication service industry to provide continuous support for their career development.

    Consulting -- refining and summarizing the Heqin communication's management experience and providing professional consulting services for the industry.

    Certification -- rprovide professional certification platform to enable training and consultation results to be assessed and re-examined.


    Curriculum system:

    1) Course system of corporate culture

    Combined own experience with enterprise development course, the chairman of the board of directors transmits the life experience, corporate philosophy, corporate values, corporate code of conduct, including corporate excellence, cultural activities and so on to the student,

    2) Management curriculum system 

    Team building: build a high-performance and professional team, learning excellent team work experience.

    Personal management skills: goal management, time management, leadership improvement.

    Talent team management: cultivate core employees and management personnel at all levels, and commit to building the whole enterprise into a strong, refined and cutting-edge team.

    3)Knowledge course system

    Enterprise knowledge system management, timely summarize and refine the company's excellent management methods, practical experience, procedures, patents, etc.

    4) Qualification certification system

    Provide professional qualification certification platform to enable training and consultation results to be assessed and re-examined.



    Public focus on micro letter

    Headquarters address:No. 168 Liuyuan road, Putuo district, Shanghai Contact number:021-36567371 Email:zjhq@hqtx.net
    Production base:no. 298 Anwen road, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province Contact number:0579-82235919

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