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  • Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    We hold aloft the banner of “As long as the employees are healthy and happy, the users can rest assured and feel at ease” and "Safety quality first, sincere service to users".

    The company has always followed the "health and happiness of employees, users worry, worry" business philosophy, adhering to the "safety quality first, sincere service users" service purposes

    The company grows with employees, customers and the industry development.

    With the mission of "integrating limited resources and creating unlimited value", the company integrates the corporate values of "integrity, heartiness, diligent thinking and responsibility" to promote China's information construction development.

    To integrate the limited resources and create unlimited value for the enterprise mission, into the "integrity, integrity, diligence, thinking, responsible" corporate values, to help China's information construction

    Public focus on micro letter

    Headquarters address:No. 168 Liuyuan road, Putuo district, Shanghai Contact number:021-36567371 Email:zjhq@hqtx.net
    Production base:no. 298 Anwen road, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province Contact number:0579-82235919

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