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  • The human resources

    Employee benefits

    And frequently, employees always is the first element, is the main body, is the root of the enterprise power. And often insist on a "good" management, care for employees, treat employees, closely around the service staff, relying on the staff, focus on the strength and wisdom of all staff to achieve common business goals and desires. Because their professional spirit, creative spirit, and frequently the collective to grow together, works together all the way.

    Treat employees, not just always speak a very good words, need more care, the details of the quantitative reflect long-term investment, energy and material resources. And frequently set up dedicated staff service center to help address various problems on the company's employees, provide timely help, solve their worries. Create neat and spacious canteen employees, provide a rich, delicious meals a day, after dinner fruit supplies, etc. Us these concern, is to let staff have a comfortable working environment, which provides users to create a better product.

    Care, let employees feel like "home" warmth; Comfortable working environment and provides users with high quality products.

    And often believe that a satisfactory employees to have satisfied customers, customer satisfaction, the enterprise can obtain continuous development power, so as to set up their own strong brand image.

    Talent recruitment
    Job title Working place Release date Position details
    通信行業交付高管 全國區域 2017/09/28 Position details
    通信行業銷售高管 全國區域 2017/09/28 Position details
    工程產品線總裁 全國區域 2017/09/28 Position details
    通信工程項目經理 全國區域 2017/09/28 Position details
    通信代維項目經理 全國區域 2017/09/28 Position details
    通信維護員 全國區域 2017/09/28 Position details

    Public focus on micro letter

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